Kindness goes a long way

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Want More Love? Give it Away :)

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What do you want to feed your cells?

That’s a whole lot of sugar. Do we really need that? Love your bodies, people!

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Through Whose Eyes?

I saw this Facebook post today from my good friend Tamyra Bourgeois, a psychotherapist and author of “Once Upon A Blue Moon: Memoirs of a Woman in the Middle of Her Life”. From Tamyra: “I had a favorable opinion of someone, and the person I was with did not. They starting spewing negative assessments about […]

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And the Director says…..”Cut”!

“You’re not in love with them—you’re in love with the person they used to be, or the person you wish they were.” — Jerry Springer Not that I’ve actually watched the Jerry Springer show or anything, but he can come up with some wisdom from time to time.  That quote came from a show where […]

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The Litter of Love

Love Applied

  When you read these words, what comes to mind? For me, it’s a feeling that there is something wonderful to bump into, to pick up, to see, to step over everywhere I choose to look. It’s a reminder that we have a choice as to how we see the world, we choose what to […]

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Tiny Changes, Big Impact

  The other day I had coffee with a reporter friend of mine, who told me that she had an interview with a graphic artist whose specialty is designing typefaces.  I shared with her a story I had read about the change in fonts on highway signs from Highway Gothic to Clearview, which was described […]

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Relationships and All That Jazz

Love Jazz

I love it when my Sweetheart plans a date for us. “I’ve been missing just spending time with you and I’d like a date”, he said. He had been working a lot and so had I, and it made me feel really loved to know that he is equally dedicated to the care and feeding […]

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One Year, Two Years…

Melinda Walsh

Two years ago today, my Sweetheart and I met.  It was really just coincidence that it happened on Valentine’s Day although now I choose to see it as the Universe’s way of saying, “Hey, here’s someone special for you.”  Plus, it does make it easy to remember our anniversary date of meeting:-) Over that time, […]

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Facing your Fears

When you think of being in a relationship again, what are you most afraid of? It’s easy to look in the other direction instead of looking at what scares us.  Only by acknowledging where you are can you begin to address it.  Usually our biggest fear is of getting hurt when we allow ourselves to […]

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