Does Your Love Story Need ReStyling?

Melinda Walsh

it’s me!

We define our reality by the stories we tell ourselves about what’s going on. Something happens, we make up a bunch of stuff about it and then we hypnotize ourselves into believing that it’s the truth.

Time to break the trance…and transform your relationship!

Have you ever found yourself tongue tied in the middle of a conversation? Anxious at the thought of talking to someone about touchy topics, like money or love? It’s ok – even I do, and I’ve been working with words professionally for 30 years!

I’m Melinda Walsh, and I’m a Story Stylist. That’s an umbrella term for my career in acting, directing, writing, advertising, and marketing. Somewhere along the way of a successful career, I realized that the professional tools I work with to style a story apply beautifully when used to consciously create the relationship of your dreams.

Words, signs, language – these are the tools humans use to communicate. And we’re never really taught how to use it effectively, aside from grammar! It’s up to us to learn the best way of expressing our thoughts. The good news is you don’t have to do it alone.

Love Applied is about the everyday life conversations with my loved ones.

What does love sound like? Let me show you.



  1. Eric Ellenburg says:

    A healthy reminder of some of our EFL stuff – Love it!

  2. Definitely, Eric! Effective conversation makes all the difference….:-) Thanks for checking in!

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