Oh darn! I’m the Frog! Why it’s Sometimes Hard to Do Nothing.

I have just emerged from the Cave of Gloomy Things, after taking up residence there after the death of my dad in late October 2013 converged with the holidays and an unexpected downturn in my business. As an entrepreneur, much of my mental energy is tuned to a sense of urgency, driving me to anticipate a clients needs; start another project; write another blog post. The momentum is always there. The voice in my head that said, “Find something to DO!” was louder than the rational yet unfamiliar whisper that said, “Do nothing, it’s time for healing. It will all be okay.”

So I caught the flu. Well, not the flu exactly, but some sort of bug that zapped my energy and directed me to the couch where I played Angry Birds and caught up on daytime TV. I white knuckled it through the holidays and the time of little sunshine, when after about a week of doing nothing, I realized I was feeling a whole lot better. And not just physically.

Even though I know that “doing nothing” is a proven way to restore my sunny mood and supercharge my creativity, I can see now that I had been blind to the increasing percentage of work versus restorative play. Was I that driven to be productive or else I didn’t feel good about myself? Darn it, I realized I was like the frog who was put into the pot of cold water. He didn’t jump out of the pot to save himself as the water heated up because he got accustomed to the incremental rise in temperature. By the time it boiled he was cooked.  Most of the time we are human, but every now and then we are frogs. Returning to self-care by doing nothing and getting out of the hot water is Love Applied.

But hey! Aren’t I “doing something” by writing this post? Time to stop. There is Nothing that is calling me.



  1. I love your description about the frog! Yes, you have had a lot of change in the last few months. I am glad you are taking some time to slow down and adjust. There’s a line in the Tao I love and often quote. It asks…Do you have the strength to do nothing until the mud settles? Like you said, sometimes we just need to be still and do nothing until things clear up and we can see what’s next. Hugs to you my friend!

  2. Lisa, funny thing: the first few times I tried to type “Tao” it kept coming out “toad”:-) Love the Tao quote! I was shocked to see how difficult it was to do nothing, because my intellect knows the value in it. I’m glad the mud has settled:-)

    Hugs back to you!

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