The Litter of Love

Love Applied

“May love litter your life with blessings.”

When you read these words, what comes to mind? For me, it’s a feeling that there is something wonderful to bump into, to pick up, to see, to step over everywhere I choose to look. It’s a reminder that we have a choice as to how we see the world, we choose what to focus upon.
The word ‘litter’ also implies trash, debris, something discarded and unwanted. So it’s an interesting exercise to think of being ‘littered’ with love’s blessings, almost like being sprinkled with glitter that has the effect of making you see the world through joyful eyes instead of looking for the worst. What is it like to be filled with so much Love that you have extra to spread around?
It also makes me think of how our interactions with others leave aftereffects. Is it a trail of love’s blessings that brightens their day? Or is it the litter of discouragement or resentment?
So for today, ask yourself what you can do to spread a little of Love’s ‘litter’ around. A kind word to a stranger? An extra hug for your children? A thank you to your spouse? Putting loving actions to loving feelings is what Love Applied is all about.


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