Tiny Changes, Big Impact


The other day I had coffee with a reporter friend of mine, who told me that she had an interview with a graphic artist whose specialty is designing typefaces.  I shared with her a story I had read about the change in fonts on highway signs from Highway Gothic to Clearview, which was described as being like ‘putting on a new pair of reading glasses:  there’s a sudden lightness, a noticeable crispness to the letters.”  The changes made to the font were subtle but effective:  lightening up stem weights and increasing the interior space of certain letters, like a lower-case ‘a’ or a capital “B”.  The result is an easier to read font that ultimately enhances safety.

So it got me thinking.  What tiny changes can have big impact in a relationship?  One of our practices is that the first one to bed gets a glass of water for the other and puts it on the nightstand.  A small gesture, for sure, but it sends the message “Your comfort is important to me.” And that’s Love Applied.

What are some the tiny things you do or someone has done for you that mean a lot?


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