One Year, Two Years…

Two years ago today, my Sweetheart and I met.  It was really just coincidence that it happened on Valentine’s Day although now I choose to see it as the Universe’s way of saying, “Hey, here’s someone special for you.”  Plus, it does make it easy to remember our anniversary date of meeting:-)

Over that time, we’ve experienced the sudden illness and passing of a close friend of mine; a six-week breakup to wrap up some old, unfinished business (which turned out to be a very good thing); and lots and lots and lots of conversation about both mundane and serious topics.

Melinda WalshI think a lot about what it takes to make a relationship work over the long haul, and that’s how Love Applied got started.  I’ve posted lists and practices, and today I’m thinking that mostly what it comes down to is just choosing every day to find something you love about the people in your life.  If I could put on a pair of Love Glasses, I would, so that I would always see everyone in a loving, compassionate light.

Don’t we wish someone would do that for us… to forgive our less than perfect moments and just love us anyway?  I believe the best way to get that is to give it.  And that’s Love Applied.



  1. Beautifully written I really enjoyed reading it, and especially on Valentines day!

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