Facing your Fears

When you think of being in a relationship again, what are you most afraid of?

It’s easy to look in the other direction instead of looking at what scares us.  Only by acknowledging where you are can you begin to address it.  Usually our biggest fear is of getting hurt when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable.

I learned that I held a belief that went something like this:  “Being vulnerable is really scary for me and I only do it when I really really really trust you not to hurt me.  So therefore, in order to honor that trust, you must never ever ever ever do anything to hurt me and you must magically know what those things are without my having to tell you.”

Poor Sweetheart:-)  The day I spoke this to him out loud was the day we both had a good laugh and I came to terms that since we are all human, we are guaranteed to do something that will unintentionally hurt someone we love.  By disconnecting my choice to be vulnerable with someone from “You had damn well better not hurt me” it opened up a space for more intimacy.

What relationship fears have you addressed?  Was there anything you were afraid of that turned out to be unfounded?  How do you practice Love Applied?


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