Ready for a Relationship? Read on…

Opening the Door to Love

Are you REALLY ready for a relationship? How open are you? I met my Sweetheart almost two years ago, and I faced some difficult realizations about myself in the months prior to meeting him. Although I spoke that I wanted to be in a relationship, I was secretly kind of scared of the changes that a relationship would bring. I’ve been by myself for a lot of years and that gave me the luxury of selfishness. Was I really ready to take someone else’s needs into account when I made decisions? Could I trust myself to be able to talk about them effectively? These are the kinds of thoughts that came up for me and I finally decided that I was truly ready to go there, even if I wasn’t sure if I or we could handle it. So are you truly ready for all of what a relationship brings into your life?

Taking a look and owning where you really stand is Love Applied.



  1. Melinda! Are you in my head? LOL! This is a great one that apllies to ME!

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