Take Some Love to Work Day

For the month of February, I’ve chosen to look at Love Applied in as many forms as I can think of, and today, I’m wondering how Love Applied would show up in the workplace. And no, I’m not thinking of a workplace affair, or a quick grope in the supply closet. I’m thinking more of what it would be like if Cupid knocked you on the head with his bow and commanded that you had to behave as lovingly as you can to those people you work with.

  • Melinda WalshInstead of complaining… would you fix a problem?
  • Instead of gossiping… would you let a coworker know how much you appreciate their talents and contributions?
  • Instead of feeling sorry for yourself about how overworked you are… would you dedicate some time to lending a hand to someone who needs it?

As you read the list above, which actions would you want to be on the receiving end of?

As Cupid’s emissary, what other things can you think of and share here to ramp up the Love atmosphere where you work?

Today’s invitation for you is to make today, “Take Some Love to Work” day, and make Cupid proud of all the Love you’re spreading around.

And that’s Love Applied: at Work.


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