Love Applied….Man-Style, Take 2!

My Sweetheart and I are coming up on two years together on Valentine’s Day, and I thought it would be a good idea to check in with him to get his perspective on our relationship and Love in general. Our breakfast interview continues (you can read Take 1 here)…

Melinda Walsh

Me: What does Love mean to you?

Sweetheart: “Sex.” (Said with a grin! Gotta love him!) “To me, Love means intimacy, which doesn’t necessarily equate to sex. Although that’s a great thing! Love means sharing your deepest thoughts and most vulnerable feelings. It’s somebody that you can talk to about anything.

“Love is also a smile…when you think of them the corners of your mouth curl up and it makes you feel good. (Me: Hearing that made me smile in return.)”

Me: Does that apply to just a romantic relationship?

Sweetheart: “No, I would say not. There are people of all ages and genders that I have feelings of love for.”

Me: How do you show that you love them?

Sweetheart: “I do things for people I love.”

Me: Like what?

Sweetheart: “Fix their roofs.” (Me: he went up on my roof in a rainstorm at night because there was a leak in my attic. His love language is definitely acts of service!) He continues: “The desire to please someone you love, comes with that sense of intimacy. Love is also spending time with someone you enjoy being with, coming up with things to do together.”

Me: Like what?

Sweetheart: “It can be anything. Silly things. Just sitting on the back porch talking. Or going on a big European vacation. Going grocery shopping—even when you don’t feel like it but when they would like for you to go with them. It’s a give and take…the things you want to do and the things they would like for you to do. “

I started Love Applied because I view Love as not just a feeling, but actions. There is a practical side to loving someone, to putting actions that the other can see and take that as the gift that it is. My Sweetheart is right, loving someone isn’t all about you and what you want. The other person is NOT there to serve you. It’s about simultaneously giving and receiving, which keep Love flowing.

And that’s Love Applied, Man-Style, Take 2.



  1. Thanks for sharing this two part series.

    If you haven’t done so already, I’d recommend reading ‘The Five Love Languages’ by Gary Chapman. My Angel and I have found it to be insightful reading.

    Chapman has a series including, ‘The Five Love Languages of Children’, in which we’ve also found some invaluable principles and resources. May come in helpful too if you guys have, or are considering in the future, little feet running around… 😀

    No assumptions intended! Appreciative of your contribution.

    Keep loving!

    • Beautiful recommendation, Nicholas. I reach Chapman’s book a few years back and also found it helpful. The language of Love can be mystifying sometimes and it helps to have a translator:-)

      I did not know that he had written others, so thank you for that. We are at the stage of life where the pitter patter of little feet will likely be the dog or my Sweetheart’s grandchildren:-) Right now I’m thinking “The Five Love Languages of Children” would make for some lovely time spent with them. To teach a child their Love language…!

      Thanks for your comment, Nicholas, I enjoyed reading it.

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