Love Applied, Man-Style, Take 1

Melinda Walsh

So, as we move into February, the month of love, I thought it would be a good idea to get a man’s perspective on it.  I’ve written a lot about what Love looks like from my point of view and I thought it was time to check in with my Sweetheart to see if we were on the same Page of Love.  Over breakfast I learned the following.



Melinda:  What do you value in our relationship?

Sweetheart:  “No topic is off-limits.  Our conversations are open and honest, even when it doesn’t feel good. Somehow in our interactions we both allow that.  It’s more important to keep communication going than it is to get our feelings hurt or defend our actions.”

Melinda:  Why is that important?

Sweetheart:  “It’s obvious we don’t hold a grudge.  We also don’t use what is shared as a weapon or ammunition for the next interaction.  Occasionally we will both get keyed up on certain topics and yet we know what when we talk further about it that we can resolve the issue.  We appreciate the honesty we both bring to any conversation.

“I think there is a also sense of confidence in the knowledge that we are being straight up with each other.  When we have a conversation I know that you are speaking honestly and there is no hidden agenda and I don’t have to sit there and think about ‘What is she really saying?’  You say what you think and that helps me know where I stand with you.


“Pretty good stuff there!”, I thought.  What my Sweetheart was describing was a sense of trust that the other person says what they really mean.  To not do so in a relationship is to manipulate and breaks down trust.

So that’s Love Applied….Man-Style, Take 1!



  1. Keep him!

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