I Like You But Not That Way

It’s the conversation we dread in dating. The one where you have been on date or two with someone and you realize that they like you more than you like them. What to say to both let them know how you feel and say it in a way that doesn’t hurt their feelings? The kindest bet is to be honest in a gentle yet forthright way.

1. Have the conversation in person, if possible. Phone is okay if you must, and NO (I mean it!) email or text. That’s just plain cowardly. It’s time to “man up”(even if you’re a female) on this one.
2. Start by being positive. “I have enjoyed spending time with you and getting to know you a little bit.”
3. Follow by your honest feelings. “I wanted to let you know sooner rather than later, that I am feeling more of a friend vibe between us than a romantic one. I’m not sure where you may stand, but it is important to let you know what I am feeling.”

It doesn’t have to be any more complicated than that, which is helpful when your heart is beating a million beats a minute at the thought! In my dating years, I had a couple of occasions to have this conversation, and both times, the men thanked me for being that honest and respectful of them and their time. No one likes rejection, but showing respect by sharing how you really feel in an honest way eases the sting.

That’s Love Applied.


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