When A Dish Towel Isn’t Just A Dish Towel


towelEver since I became an adult and moved out of my parents’ house, my mother has brought me little gifts.  It’s just something my mom does, and none of them cost more than a couple of dollars.  Toys seem to be a running theme, although the occasional practical gift makes its way to my house, like the fall dish towel she brought me because I host the family Thanksgiving.  She always reveals the gifts with a giggle and the same sentiment, worded in various ways:  “I saw this and I thought of you.”  Through the years, a plastic chicken that lays eggs, a frog that pops up after you press it down on a smooth surface, Silly Putty, and a chicken that wiggles to the tune of the Chicken Dance have all made her think of me.  And when I receive the bobble-head jack-o-lantern or the goblin eyes that blink, I think of how lucky I am to have a mother who shows her love in such a sweet small way to her grown-up daughter.  It just feels so good to know that someone thinks of you and goes out of their way to do something for you, something that perhaps they wouldn’t ordinarily do.


What ways do you show that you love someone?  A random text message?  A thoughtful card, delivered either in person or via snailmail?  An unexpected hug?  Little gestures can mean a lot.  And sometimes a dish towel isn’t just a dish towel, it’s a way to show love.  And that’s Love Applied.


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