Show Some Gratitude: You’ll Be Better Off For it—Part 2

I confess:  I don’t always speak nicely to myself.  In fact, some days, I can be downright mean.  If someone else spoke to me that way, I’d probably end the friendship.  As I’m writing this, thinking about gratitude, I realized I need to include myself in a regular habit of being grateful—to ME.  Just as I make a point to thank my Sweetheart for taking out the trash, I think it’s important to thank myself for the things I do to keep my life running smoothly and happily.

I had a conversation with a client recently about our upcoming project, an internal marketing campaign that is designed to inspire in his employees a sense of pride in the work that they do and the company they work for.  One action that we were discussing is that managers could find something ‘right’ that an employee is doing and praise them or thank them for doing it.  His response was that it might work for a while, but that “it’s human nature” to look for what is wrong.  I disagree partly with that assessment—it’s not ‘human nature’ but simply habit, and a habit is one that can be altered.  I could hear in his response a commonly held belief that if we show appreciation to someone, they will become complacent and quit trying to improve.   In what becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, that belief often drives us to criticize, which is a great strategy for expressing frustration and a poor one for inspiring positive change in someone.  All too often, the desire to improve goes away when we know only more criticism is coming our way.

It works the same way on ourselves, too.  So in this moment, as I am writing this post and looking at my lengthy to-do list, I am choosing to be grateful to myself for keeping my commitment to write instead of look at crafty Thanksgiving things to make on Pinterest.  I am also choosing to be grateful to myself for creating a life that is rich with deep friendships and loving relationships.  I am grateful that I made my bed this morning—being grateful to myself for the small things are just as important as the big ones.

What are you grateful to yourself about?  Share them here.  Who knows, you might inspire a snowball of self-appreciation.  And that’s Love Applied.


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