Show Your Love With A Surprise

My Sister called me yesterday over the top excited.

“You’re not going to believe what Brandon did! “ Brandon is her son and I refer to him as “Favorite Nephew.” (“I’m your only nephew”, he says. “Lucky for you,” I reply.) I’ve had a couple of calls from her that started out this way through the years and they were followed by comments like, “He’s in the emergency room” or “He’s at the police station”. Fortunately for all of us, he managed to survive his early testosterone-crazy twenties and has made special effort over the last few years to get his act together. We’ve seen him transform from someone who made excuses and avoided family gatherings to being the one who suggests getting together.

It was sweet news this time. Favorite Nephew surprised my Sister with a gift certificate for a massage—just because. She was so touched that he had made the effort and they ended up having a two-hour catch-up phone call that cleared the air over old misunderstandings that happened when he was a teenager. I could tell how good it felt to her as a mom that her son thinks she’s great.

It’s making me think about how impactful it is when someone goes out of their way to do something for you and how sweet that unexpected gesture can be. Don’t you know what it’s like to think of someone you care about but not pick up the phone to call or text them? I know for me it’s easy to get distracted and not reach out to connect.

So, two questions for you. What do you do for someone you care about to let them know that you care? And what has someone done for you that showed they care and were thinking of you?

Remember, Love is not just an action….we’re talking about Love Applied.


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