Keep Those Cards and Letters Coming, Folks!

My parent’s 62nd wedding anniversary was July 21, 2012 and my sister and I wanted to do something special for them this year. Dad is 90 and mom is 82, and Dad’s health won’t allow him to hold up for a big event so we knew we’d have to keep it simple.

July 21, 1950. Mom at 19, Dad a WW2 Navy vet at 28. They got married at Amite Baptist Church in Denham Springs and headed to Biloxi for a honeymoon after a home reception. They still have the clothes and the cake topper.

What to do? We decided to enroll our Facebook friends and ask them to send anniversary cards—we were hoping for at least 62 for the 62nd! Neither parent is online so we knew we could keep it a secret, and so we made a request at the beginning of July asking for help from our friends.

The response was great! We were blown away by how many people took the time to choose a card for them, and most wrote a little note of appreciation if they knew them or told how they knew one of us if they didn’t. The best part was when one friend jumped the gun by a couple of weeks and Mom called me to tell me of the ‘sweet card they sent’. “Oh, if you only knew what’s coming!,” I thought.

The cards started trickling in. First one or two, then five or six, then one day ten. By this time Mom had caught on that we had arranged a surprise and she called every day after to read us the names and the cards. “We can’t wait til the postman comes!” she said.

The tally totaled 67! From 18 states and two countries. Many were from people they had known but hadn’t heard from in a while, and others were from friends of mine and my sisters. What touched them most of all is that so many people took the time to select and send a card just for them.

My parents have both done a lot for others in their lifetimes. We grew up being a part of a community where everyone helps everyone else. And like so many who are used to helping, my parents weren’t used to being on the receiving end. Their delight was evident with every card they received.

Taking time to do for someone in an unexpected way is Love Applied. And I am grateful for my two wonderful teachers 🙂


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