Ten Things VII : The Power Is Yours!

Every single thing we do in life is a choice. You choose to get up in the morning. You choose what to wear; where to go; who to hang with and on and on. We pretend that we ‘don’t’ have a choice’ when in reality we don’t like the choices that we see. We ALWAYS have a choice, even when we can’t see effective possibilities.

Not understanding this concept creates what I call this the ‘Myth of Victimhood’. Any time you feel powerless or helpless or find yourself saying things like “It’s not fair!” in an attempt to get someone to ease up on you, you are in the Myth of Victimhood.

Realizing that we choose our lives is the first step toward empowerment and release from powerlessness and fear. It may take a while to incorporate this sense of choice in everything you do (even your thoughts and what you tell yourself!) but it’s worth it in the long run to give you a sense of mastery of Life.


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