Hug of the Day 6-22-12 Kitty was lost, now she is found!

A few days ago, a friend of mine emailed me this picture of a sweet kitty she had found, asking if I could help her find a home or foster for her. I have a soft spot for kittehs, having one of my own, so I posted it on my Facebook page, asking for help. Within minutes four friend had re-posted it, one of whom also emailed it to her civic association list. I could definitely tell who my animal lover friends are!

I see lost dog/cat signs on a regular basis, and always think of the families who are sad and scared, fearing the worst about their beloved pet, and hoping for the best. I think of our pets as Love-on-4-Legs, because they so easily find their way into our hearts. So, when I posted the picture, I just wasn’t sure what would happen. Would she be claimed? Adopted? Fostered? I hoped so.

A little while ago I received an excited email from my friend who had found the cat: they also found the owners and there was a happy reunion! I immediately posted to let everyone who had helped know the good news.

Later I thought about how cool it is to have loving friends who are willing to put Love in action by taking time to help someone they have never met. It’s so easy to minimize the needs of others and what an opportunity we miss when we do so.

So my Hug of the Day goes to my loving friends who helped get this sweet kitty back where she belongs. That’s Love Applied!


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