Getting Trashy

One of the things I love about my Sweetheart is that he likes to do little things for me. What’s not to like, right? Since we’ve been together, a year on Valentines Day, I haven’t taken out the trash not once. We don’t even live together and he takes out my trash. Lucky me!

I remember seeing a couple fight on Dr. Phil a bunch of years ago about the trash. The wife complained that “He always wants me to thank him for taking out the trash. That’s his job and he wants me to cheer like he just won a football game!” Then she went on to complain that he never told her he loved her. His defense was that he showed her and that should be enough.

Argh. Great example of two people each needing to be right, and neither one understanding that the other person wasn’t wrong for wanting what they wanted. My Sweetheart explained to me that he takes out my trash out of love for me. I get that loud and clear. When I asked him what he wanted in return he just said, “Appreciation.”

Don’t we all want to be appreciated for our efforts in our relationships? A simple “Thank you for doing what you do” keeps your relationship from being trashed!


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