Love In Every Bite

For the past three weeks I’ve done an experiment in mindful eating.  To be as consciously aware of every bite of food I’ve put in my mouth.  To savor the sensation and flavors of what I am eating.  As opposed to looking down at an empty plate and wondering where all my food went, or picking at the rest of my food, not really being hungry, but just eating for something to do.

At first it was really strange, I thought of all sorts of things.  Like I’m about to be scolded by one of the voices in my head:  “Is THAT all you’re going to eat?  How many calories was that?  Are you REALLY full when there still more tasty food to eat?  How long can you keep this up, you’ll backslide, you know yourself.” A wise friend told me to ignore advice like this as you would from a bad, dumb, friend:-)

What I observe is that eating mindfully feels very loving toward myself.  Oddly, that’s a little unfamiliar and almost a little scary.

My body feels good.  I feel good about myself.  I haven’t passed out from hunger, and if I leave food on my plate, there is always food that was available later. I was uncomfortable yesterday at lunch when I had about a 1/4 of a chicken salad and left the rest there instead of taking it home.  (Egad, the WASTE!)

It requires attention.  I have to pay attention.  I have to REMEMBER to pay attention.

Love Applied can take many forms.  And right now, Love is in every bite.


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