What’s Your Wonderful?

Let’s face it: sometimes Life can get in the way of a Good Time. Often, after a tough day at work, it is challenging to be the sweetest sweetheart you can be. I have noticed that when I am stressed in one area of my life, suddenly my Sweetheart takes on all sorts of negative habits that he doesn’t ordinarily have. Did he suddenly turn into someone who should enroll in Tool Academy? No, perhaps the issue lies within me, and what I choose to focus on.

What we focus on, we find. And what we focus on and find, grows. So it makes sense to remember to focus on positive things instead of the things we dislike. My Sweetheart and I have a regular practice called, “What’s Your Wonderful?” where at the end of the day we share the highlight of our day, the “Wonderful”. Sometimes it’s as simple as a conversation we had that went well, a thoughtful gesture from a friend, or keeping a promise we made to ourselves to work out instead of putting it off that day.

By focusing on the things we are grateful for, we also see that we have a lot to be grateful for. And while the negative things in our lives may always be there, by focusing on the wonderful things we are grateful for, the impact of the negative things lessens. Our day becomes different when we know that we are looking for something wonderful that we will then share in the evening with someone. And the sharing of joy and gratitude helps us stay connected to what’s important in the other person’s life. And that’s pretty darned Wonderful.


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