Talk About Love

What do words have to do with your Relationship?


You know how it goes.  At the start of every relationship (I call this the Sparkly Phase), everyone always speaks sweetly to each other.  And slowly, over time, plus the flu, general stress, a sick child, you name it, our words cease to become acts of love and instead, become acts of destruction.  It’s happened to me, to you, to everyone I know.  So, how do you keep things Sparkly?  How do you course-correct your Relationship so that it stays as clean and mutually respectful as it can be?

Through many screwed up romantic relationships, and intense examination of my own language, I realized that the quality of my relationship is directly related to the quality and effectiveness of my conversational skills.  So I will share some of the plenty of mistakes I’ve made and ways for you to avoid or correct some of those same mistakes.

Your homework for now:  pay attention when you speak.  More on that later.


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